Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bendy rollers miracles.

Hi people. 

Today I'll be sharing my testimony of bendy rollers. You know that tiny almost irrelevant thing in ur saloon or beauty shop? 

Sisters it is a miracle worker. 

I've had mine for a long tym n hardly ever use them cos I always think its stress putting dem in and having to take dem out, Cs I hardly ever get ready or wake up on time.

But after watching beautybyjj bendy rollers tutorials on YouTube I became more interested in using mine and the perfect time came wen I put an almost 3years weave on and I wanted a more classy look as the weave seemed dry and really worn. 

So I whip out my bendy rollers n got to work. Mixed three diff sizes, sprayed it with my super hold spray wen I was done n went to bed. (It's really comfy sleeping) 

I took it out the next day and had the most beautiful/classy curls/hair Eva n I was grinning from ear to ear. 

It's pretty easy to put on and take out and makes ur hair more beautiful if u not going for the silky straight look. 

So ladies that's my testimony. Lol....

Hope y'all ve a pleasant weekend....xoxo

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