Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Toning Creams....

This subject ll always be very imp. Cs everybody wants a beautiful skin n in Nigeria there's a belief that a light/tone skin is more beautiful than a dark one. (Oh well I believe that too🙈). But wat we fail to understand is that a well-taken-care-of skin ll definately be beautiful than an unkempt one. 

So using a very expensive toning cream might not give u the results u sooo desire. 
I used a makari body beautifying milk which goes for #6700 in kaduna stores and #7200 in Benin stores for well over two years. It worked yes but I got large green veins showing through my skin. And I'm not saying Itz not gon work for u. But It didn't cut it for me n I didn't realize it early enuff. 

I would rather use a toning soap which ll tone while washing off dirt from my skin than a toning cream which lingers on well over 5hrs n to top it with naija's sun😰. 

Dat being said, I'll share a little of my new found regimes. 

Lots and lots of water. U'll be surprised ow much work drinking lots of water does to the skin. 

A good toning bath soap. 

I can't overemphasize the importance of Shea butter to my skin. Been using ds n tissue repair oil for a while now and believe me Itz doing wonders. Ds u can get at a local market or on mix ds wit any oil of ur choice n use all over ur skin or in its raw form and use on difficult parts like ur elbows n knees. 

U gotta cleanse. Neutrogena fash wash does ds for me. 

Last but not least u gotta take off ALL of ur makeup even after washing ur face at night. I use baby wipes n oil for mine. 

Discover new things for ursrlf. Dont be afraid to go outta ur comfort zone to try something for urself beauty wise. 

Wats ur skin regime? Wat works n wat ve u found out doesn't? Share wit us n let's rock a beautiful skin together. 


Wassup wassup....

Let's discover new beauty tricks n products together. 

Where to buy good n affordable beauty stuff in ur hood. 

 The blog was birthed because I jst moved to a new town n getting stuff here is so freaking difficult. I'm breaking out bad n can't seem to kip it in check. One min it's getting better, the next min I can't even my face was smoother the day before. 

With ds blog, I'm gon learn from u guys n also share d little I know. 

 Every woman loves to be a show stopper let's achieve that together.