Thursday, 4 December 2014

Cheap beauty must haves.

I'll be sharing a few cheap products I discovered and who wonderful they have been to my makeup routine. 

1.  NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk 
This right here is cheap and comes in very handy as it works as an eyelid primer/ an eye shadow base (it gives ur eyeshadow a good colour pop and its crease free) and also to line my Lower lash line to help brighten my eye and give it a wider dimension. I got mine from Giftysdaughter's Allen Avenue Ikeja shop.
You can also get it from for N1, 500

2. Zaron Lip pencil
This sells for N700 and it doubles as a lip liner and a lip paint. The EZ07 Red Vines is my favorite as I use it to line my lip before the MAC ruby woo comes on and when I'm in a hurry, I use it as a lip paint and it comes out beautifully. 
The great thing about this is that it comes in different wonderful shades and colors.

3. Zaron luxurious lip gloss
 This is a wonderful wonderful lip gloss. And my favorite is the Karat. I always get asked what product I'm wearing whenever I use this and I keep replacing as I always end up giving it out to someone. It's a beautiful shade of nude and it doesn't overdo the tone or feel of your lips. I use mine even without lining sometimes and it still comes out great. I got mine for N1,500

4. Zaron Eyebrow Definer
 This sells for N1, 500 and I got it at the Allen Ikeja shop in 2013 and I still have it. 
It's a wonderful eye brow powder as I like to call it. It helps define ur brow without the creamy feel a pencil or gel will do. The great thing about it is the brush (angled and a spoole) that comes with it and the shades of the powder. I always use the lighter shade for the beginning of my brow and the darker shade for the rest of it.

5. Zaron xx Lengthening Mascara
I love this because it comes with a flexible mascara wand that I can bend and work into any angle I want. It doesn't smudge and it separates my lash so beautifully. I got mine from a beauty vendor for N2, 000

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Everyday care for hair!


Most people have an almost perfect hair care routine but still have weaves looking like they took a stroll close to a furnace.

 My hair care guide is simple and easy as articles with extremely long/stressful routines are not for me seeing that I wake up few minutes to when I am to dash out.

First off, you have to buy a good grade hair. I always buy a 10A grade hair cos the 8A grade floating around are always lower grades upgraded for cheap prices in a bid to have more customers-Vaneezy's hair (08039287239) hooks me up just right.

 Next step is the shine and moisture of your weave. Hair serum and hair conditioner is the best for this and here's a lil tip-always spray your hair with water mixed with conditioner in a spray bottle before applying your serum to avoid that 'wet-rat-like' look some weaves have. A lil of both (serum and conditioner) is what is required.

 Lastly, a comb will only detangle ur hair. A good paddle brush is best for that smooth sleek look and a denman brush works best on curly hair as this helps define the curls best.
 Smooth your edges with an edge control that works your edges and hairline for that real photoshoot look😁.
              I hope these tips work for your hair as they have done mine. xxxxx

Ps: I deep condition my hair every other week with hair mayonnaise and steam them when I take them out before storing. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bendy rollers miracles.

Hi people. 

Today I'll be sharing my testimony of bendy rollers. You know that tiny almost irrelevant thing in ur saloon or beauty shop? 

Sisters it is a miracle worker. 

I've had mine for a long tym n hardly ever use them cos I always think its stress putting dem in and having to take dem out, Cs I hardly ever get ready or wake up on time.

But after watching beautybyjj bendy rollers tutorials on YouTube I became more interested in using mine and the perfect time came wen I put an almost 3years weave on and I wanted a more classy look as the weave seemed dry and really worn. 

So I whip out my bendy rollers n got to work. Mixed three diff sizes, sprayed it with my super hold spray wen I was done n went to bed. (It's really comfy sleeping) 

I took it out the next day and had the most beautiful/classy curls/hair Eva n I was grinning from ear to ear. 

It's pretty easy to put on and take out and makes ur hair more beautiful if u not going for the silky straight look. 

So ladies that's my testimony. Lol....

Hope y'all ve a pleasant weekend....xoxo

Friday, 3 October 2014

Acne Control....

Lemme introduce you to this wonder 'Neutrogena Rapid Clear Forming Scrub'

Before I started using this product I was breaking out real bad-I had just moved to a new town n I was reacting to water etc-and had used all the other acne eliminating products I could lay my hands on but it kept getting worse. 

I travelled to Benin n visited a beauty shop where I buy my stuffs wen I'm dere n I was introduced to this baby. I grumbled n reluctantly bought one. Boy was I wrong!!!!! 

I noticed changes in d first days n by the first week I could see a difference. I haven't stopped using it since I discovered it and my face has never remained the same. 

It goes for about N1,900 and I use it morning and night. 

Here's a pic of my 'no make-up face....acne free💃
(Don't mind the hair,I just got outta bed)

I'm back!!!!!

Hey y'all it's been a very long time. So much has happened n I didn't keep to my promise of sharing all my Beauty products like I said I would in d beginning pls forgive me🙈

I'm here now. 

And I'm gon share everything I ve used, read reviews n hoping to get my hands on in the days that come. 

Hope we enjoy this ride together. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Toning Creams....

This subject ll always be very imp. Cs everybody wants a beautiful skin n in Nigeria there's a belief that a light/tone skin is more beautiful than a dark one. (Oh well I believe that too🙈). But wat we fail to understand is that a well-taken-care-of skin ll definately be beautiful than an unkempt one. 

So using a very expensive toning cream might not give u the results u sooo desire. 
I used a makari body beautifying milk which goes for #6700 in kaduna stores and #7200 in Benin stores for well over two years. It worked yes but I got large green veins showing through my skin. And I'm not saying Itz not gon work for u. But It didn't cut it for me n I didn't realize it early enuff. 

I would rather use a toning soap which ll tone while washing off dirt from my skin than a toning cream which lingers on well over 5hrs n to top it with naija's sun😰. 

Dat being said, I'll share a little of my new found regimes. 

Lots and lots of water. U'll be surprised ow much work drinking lots of water does to the skin. 

A good toning bath soap. 

I can't overemphasize the importance of Shea butter to my skin. Been using ds n tissue repair oil for a while now and believe me Itz doing wonders. Ds u can get at a local market or on mix ds wit any oil of ur choice n use all over ur skin or in its raw form and use on difficult parts like ur elbows n knees. 

U gotta cleanse. Neutrogena fash wash does ds for me. 

Last but not least u gotta take off ALL of ur makeup even after washing ur face at night. I use baby wipes n oil for mine. 

Discover new things for ursrlf. Dont be afraid to go outta ur comfort zone to try something for urself beauty wise. 

Wats ur skin regime? Wat works n wat ve u found out doesn't? Share wit us n let's rock a beautiful skin together. 


Wassup wassup....

Let's discover new beauty tricks n products together. 

Where to buy good n affordable beauty stuff in ur hood. 

 The blog was birthed because I jst moved to a new town n getting stuff here is so freaking difficult. I'm breaking out bad n can't seem to kip it in check. One min it's getting better, the next min I can't even my face was smoother the day before. 

With ds blog, I'm gon learn from u guys n also share d little I know. 

 Every woman loves to be a show stopper let's achieve that together.